Sanctuary of Saint Felix of Water


Legend has it that, something like five hundred years ago, young Felice (Felix) Porri was on this site with his companions, working in the fields and taking care of the animals. It was summer, the sun was particularly strong and the men with Felice were cursing God. Thus Felix, after praying the Lord, hit the ground with a wooden rod: miraculously, water gushed out of the ground, and the farmers could finally quench their thirst.


Felice Porri later became Saint Felix of Cantalice, and today, walking or driving down from Upper Cantalice and crossing Civitella you can stop at the Sanctuary of St. Felix of Water (Santuario di San Felice all’Acqua), erected where the saint performed the miracle. The sanctuary, recently restored and always a pilgrimage destination, was built next to the miraculous spring, thus creating an atmosphere of great spirituality and harmony among man, God and nature.


Inside the church, a simple but elegant building, you can admire a copy of the altarpiece from the Church of Saint Felix in Cantalice, where the saint is portrayed with the Virgin and Child.


From the last Sunday in August till the first one in October, every Sunday Mass is celebrated here, as well as ceremonies in honour of Saint Felix.

Designed by Boutegue Vaquier