The fortified village

Labro, which has remained almost unaltered throughout the centuries, appears today in the overwhelming beauty of its alleys and old buildings, both from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, preserved thanks to a meticulous restoration starting from the Seventies. The material employed for the renovation of streets and buildings has been local calcareous stone, which has allowed the village not to forget itself and change its appearance.


Labro fans out following the path of the sun, sloping gently along the hill. To enter Labro you can pass through three ancient gates, or porte: Porta Cavour, Porta Reatina and Porta di Piazzale Genzi. Crossing Porta Reatina, a round arch above which is a sculpture of the Virgin and Child, you can walk the cobbled alleys and stone steps in between colorful flowers, hidden gardens and snooping cats. This is where the old houses of the poor and the craftsmen's workshops used to be, and a stop in one of Labro’s traditional restaurants is highly recommended, in order to taste all the local recipes and delicacies: cold cuts, farro soups, picchiettini pasta, local meat, truffles, Sabina’s olive oil, anise-flavored doughnuts and much more.


Walking up the village you will notice several noble residences, with mullioned windows and walled-up arches. In Via Vittorio Emanuele there is a door with bossages, and along the architrave you can read Actionum gloria finis in Latin. Then, in the middle of the village, you suddenly encounter three gates: it is the Tre Porte corner. They form a small open hall, which is the meeting point of three streets: two follow the original exterior walls, whereas the main one, on the right, leads to Palazzo Nobili Vitelleschi, St. Mary’s Church (where the old castle used to be), the village theatre and the main tower.


In fact, on top of the hilltop there are still remains of the old castle and defensive walls, like the massive semicircular tower facing east. From here, you can enjoy the most gorgeous view of the Avanzana Valley, Lake Piediluco and the hills and mountains surrounding this little gem that is Labro. A few benches provide for the opportunity to relax and quietly enjoy the atmosphere in the shade of the trees while drinking a healthy squash. In July and August, the green lawn in front of the tower becomes the location for the Calici sotto le Stelle nights, when delicious dinner is served with great wine and all kinds of live shows.


Designed by Boutegue Vaquier