Lake Piediluco

From Labro you can enjoy the stunning view of Lake Piediluco, whose name literally means ‘at the foot of the sacred forest’.


The lake, left from the old Lacus Velinus, is located in southern Umbria, with a small part in Latium. It is one of the biggest lakes in Umbria. Its shape is irregular and extends from west to east, with offshoots going in all directions, resembling an alpine lake.


Flanked by pilgrims following Saint Francis’ footsteps and enclosed by bizarre pyramidal hills creating an echo effect, this lake is full of fish and extremely beautiful all year long, but especially in spring and summer, when vegetation is luxuriant and red poppies bloom everywhere.


During the 18th and 19th centuries, Lake Piediluco was a stop during the Grand Tour, and it was also painted by French artist Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot.


Without a doubt, people still agree on its beauty today, considering how many residents and tourists choose to enjoy a boat trip at sunset or to relax on its shores with the Albornoz Fortress towering over them from Mount Luco. There are several equipped grass beaches along the shore, amidst rushes and boats.


The shore is 8 miles long, whereas the lake’s surface area is 0.61 square miles. Located around 370 metres above sea level, Lake Piediluco reaches its maximum depth, 65 feet, near the village of the same name.


It has three main tributaries: a natural one - the Fuscello stream - and two canals connecting the lake to the Velino and Nera rivers.


The absence of currents and the presence of regular winds make the lake perfect for rowing: the headquarters of the Italian Rowing Federation are here, and the Italian National Rowing Team often practises in the lake as well.


Designed by Boutegue Vaquier