Maccheroni a fezze

One of the most characteristic and tasty recipes of the Sabine tradition are the maccheroni a fezze, a kind of pasta named after the fezza, the bundle of dough from which the pasta comes from.


In the best farming tradition, this is a simple dish made with local ingredients, a recipe that people here pass down through the generations. In fact, at the basis of the maccheroni a fezze recipe there are just water, flour and eggs, to which you should add PDO Sabina extra virgin olive oil, garlic, chili pepper and marjoram for the Sabina-style pesto, or, if you prefer, a simple meat and tomato sauce.


The best day to try this dish is the third Saturday of July, when Montenero Sabino comes to life with the Maccheroni a Fezze Festival, which includes events at the Orsini Castle, live music, dancing and other local recipes.


In August, instead, the festival moves to Monte San Giovanni in Sabina.


Here is the recipe for 4 people.




  • 2 cups of flour

  • 2 eggs

  • a spoon of extra virgin olive oil (better if PDO Sabina)

  • two handfuls of salt

  • water.


Make a ring of flour and break two eggs in it. Add two handfuls of salt, knead it all with warm water and let it rest for about twenty minutes. Then take the dough and with your fingers make a sort of doughnut with a hole in the middle, using some extra virgin olive oil. Break the doughnut and model the dough until it becomes a long thread of pasta, like a ball of yarn, a bundle of pasta from which you can now obtain the servings you need. Cook the maccheroni in boiling salt water until they come to the surface.


Now you just need to add the sauce!

Designed by Boutegue Vaquier