Palazzo Nobili Vitelleschi


Palazzo Nobili Vitelleschi, built during the second half of the 16th century by Giordano de’ Nobili, is located along Labro’s defensive walls, attached to the old fortress. From the top of its tower you can see the most beautiful view of Rieti’s Plain and of Lake Piediluco in Umbria.


In 1575, when Gerolamo de’ Nobili and Virginia Vitelleschi got married, the eagle and fish coat of arms (Nobili) and the one with Florentine lilies and calves (Vitelleschi) were merged together, and the updated crest can be still seen inside the building; an original copy of the act officially declaring the merging of the two surnames and crests is currently preserved at the Nobili Vitelleschi Archive inside the palazzo, among all the documents retracing the history of Labro and of the Nobili family. The latter also prevented 50 people from being executed during the Second World War and promoted the village’s renovation in the postwar period.


The palazzo’s current appearance mostly dates back to the 18th and 19th century. Built in grey stone, it is characterised by delicate hanging gardens, a double staircase, loggias, balconies and crenellated walls. Inside you can see weapons and paintings depicting members of the Nobili family, as well as antique furniture. In the main hall there is also an original marble fireplace from the 16th century.


It is possible to visit the palace by contacting the Associazione Culturale Castello Nobili Vitelleschi. Heirs of the Nobili family still live here today, and the piano nobile can be employed for all kinds of events, from business meetings to weddings. The upper floor is now a B&B, whereas the cellar is a bar where concerts of acoustic music are sometimes organised.


Designed by Boutegue Vaquier